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Oud Maknoon Swiss Arabian EDP 45mL Perfume Fragrance ORIGINAL


Oud Maknoon is an intense floral, ambery oud fragrance with an element of spice that makes it, and you, memorable. It brings a new level of luxury to those who recognise the exceptional and seek to bask in its layers of precious golden oud.

With a distinctive bouquet of artemisia, chamomile, apricot and lemon, this herby citrus accord sets the tone for an epic fragrant journey. Wisps of gossamer incense surround the heart of the scent, adding depth to rare orris and providing the perfect platform for the base notes. Warm vanilla and musk embrace you as earthy leather and silken amber combine to give a resonant golden finish. Sublime oud takes a starring role, providing a long-lasting finale of distinction.

Oud Maknoon is a unisex fragrance, suitable for cooler nights.

Unravel hidden wonders.

Oud Maknoon surprises you when you least expect it! Waves of extreme freshness meet Peppery notes and fuse with mouthwatering Rosy and Spicy elements. The special mix in the base, with Agarwood, Amber and Musk, will leave you dazzled for a very long time.

Oud Maknoon is unique in its ability to transform any (and we mean any) fragrance, even a mundane aftershave or equivalent, into a uniquely exotic and woody one! While it is a stand alone marvel, in one's own right, it is perfect for layering if you have never done so before; Simply apply it first, then put on any other fragrance.

TOP NOTES: Pepper MIDDLE NOTES: Rose BASE NOTES: Agarwood, Amber and Musk

Maknoon in Arabic translates to 'hidden' (as in concealed); Just like the tale of "The Arabian Nights" - a magnificent collection of ancient tales told by the sultana Scheherazade, who relates them as entertainment for her jealous and murderous husband, hoping to keep him amused and herself alive. This wonderful oriental fragrance conceals a distinctive bouquet of artemisia, chamomile, apricot and lemon - this herby citrus accord sets the tone for an epic fragrant journey.

Shumoukh Al Ghutra By Swiss Arabian 100mL EDP Fragrance


Top Note : Green Notes, Apple, Violet Middle Note : Leather, Cedarwood Base Note : Vanilla, Musk