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Osmanli Oud Golden Leaf Osmanlı 100mL EDP Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey


TOP NOTE: Pear, Bergamot and Mandarin.

MIDDLE NOTE: Orchid, Black rose, Passion fruit and Strawberry.

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Praline, China, Incense, Papyrus, Caramel, Coffee, Licorice and Coumarin.

Osmanli Oud Hurrem HÜRREM The Cheerfull EDP 100mL Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey

Osmanlı Oud HÜRREM

Joy and pleasure has a miraculous ability to move forward whatever hardships and circumstances! Like the Sultan named after her, "Hurrem The Cheerful" balances strength, maturity and wisdom with femininity and joy! 

The fragrance reveals itself with a mixture of citrus scents in which orange and tangerine overwhelms, and the scent of jasmine is unique to the heart of the fragrance, as for its base it is a pleasant and comfortable mixture of woody scents such as pine cypress and laurel. 

Osmanli Oud Turgut Alp Osmanlı 100mL EDP Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey


TOP NOTE: Cardamom, Pink pepper, Violet leaf.

MIDDLE NOTE: Sage, Chestnut, Vanilla.

BASE NOTE: Vanilla, Musk.

Osmanlı Oud Mihrimah The Sun And Moon Osmanli 100mL EDP Perfume Fragrance


TOP NOTE: Citrus, Bergamot, Lavender.

MIDDLE NOTE: Wild jasmine

BASE NOTE: Cypress and Cashmere.

Osmanli Oud Galata Spirit Osmanlı 85mL EDP Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey


TOP NOTE: Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, Saffron.

MIDDLE NOTE: Moroccan bitter almond, Cedarwood.

BASE NOTE: Woody musk, Ambergris.

Osmanli Oud II. Murad The Great Osmanlı 100mL EDP Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey

A mixture of unique notes, "ll. Murad The Great" infuses the senses, creating a feeling of grandeur and luxury worthy of the ancient name it bears.The top notes of iris and Italian flowers create a beautiful contrast with its distinctive base of oud, while a warm blend of sandalwood, saffron and patchouli gives the fragrance its beating heart, combining its layers and transforming its contrasts into contradictions.

Osmanli Oud Maiden Love Osmanlı 85mL EDP Perfume Fragrance Turkish Turkey

Roaming the streets of Istanbul is like walking into a museum, every stone is an artwork, and every building is a masterpiece… floating atop the Bosporus waters is the famous Maiden tower, to this day it recites it’s sad story of fatherly love and unyielding destiny… The top notes capture the senses with mouthwatering plum and orange scents, the heart is a divine mix of Roses and Geranium flowers embraced by Patchouli and Red Berries, while earthy accords of Teak Wood, Musk and Amber make the base.